Episode 59 Devin!

Hello all! Welcome back! Im excited for todays show, its a good one. Devin joins us at DZrecords and we do some talking. She is very talented. She did a couple songs for us after, if you haven't checked out her sessions, do so! The audio of said sessions are part of this episodes playlist. Hope you dig. Big things keep happening. Go wake somebody up and tell them about this wonderful show. Thank you

Episode 55 Valient Himself!

Lets get right to it. Valient Himself of the almighty Valient Thorr sat down with me behind Reggies! Can you believe it!? For those of you that follow the show you know how much this means to me. It was a great talk. Wish I could remember what we talkled about, my head was too busy spinning. Hes a great dude, and they crushed later that night! So here it is... A special Thursday,,, excuse me,,, THORRsday release! Enjoy

Episode 52 Peggy!

Hey friends welcome back! Hope everyone is enjoying Summah so far! Happy one year. We did it. Lasted 52 episodes. The little show that could... Anyway. Todays episode is great, and was a lot of fun. Peggy (if that's her real name) stops by the DZ to chat. We talked music, goofed around, you know the drill. Thanks for sticking around! Please go tell a friend, Friends With Music #52! Help spread the word

Episode 51 Cregg from Boy Hits Car!

Hello friends! Lets get right to it. This episode is incredible. We are on location for this one at the cubby bear in beautiful down town Chicago. Cregg from the great band Boy Hits Car sits down for an awesome chat. We talk plenty of music and of course that epic stage dive! He went into great detail about the jump. If you are not familiar with the jump, youtube it and hold on. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you all for hitting play

Episode 50 BH!

Hello everybody! Its late im tired. BH is on todays show. What a fun episode and such a challenge to edit. We did a lot of talking. Most of it was of the punk rock persuasion. Because, y'know, we were there. Hope you all enjoy this one, its a good one. Thanks BH for stopping by, and for the tattoo, sorry I pussed out. Oh and thanks to Mike for chiming in as well. Thank you for hitting play and for the continuing support!! Tell a friend! 

Episode 49 Absolutely Not!

Welcome back everyone! This episode is an instant classic. I got a chance to hang out with the band Absolutely Not before a show a couple weeks ago. They were so so so cool! Enough good things cannot be said about them. Seeing them live makes me think rock and roll will be ok,,, for a long time. So if you are not familiar, press play and get familiar! They have a new album coming out June 30. Buy it! They are playing an album release show on July 6 at the hideout downtown. You gotta go to that! Thanks for sticking around. Dig it

Episode 48 Colleen!

Hey there friends! Welcome back! Im super excited for this one. My good friend Colleen came over randomly one day so I forced her to do an episode. We are on location at my place. We had a ton of fun! Colleen is such a cool/crazy chick and Im reminded of that every time I see her. And usually that is barely once a year. I don't mean to get lame here but we've always had like an older brother younger sister thing. She always puts me in my place too. Definitely a friendship I value. Which is what this show is all about! Haha ok i'll stop being lame now. Hope you dig it! Thanks for checking us out. Now go tell a friend! Spread the word. Word.

Episode 47 Andrew!

Hi everybody! Thank you for tuning in to another great episode. Director, documentarian, music lover, and overall super cool dude Andrew stops by the DZ. I feel like I shorted him on his episode. We have had plenty of awesome conversations off mic that for some reason or another never got brought up during this episode. He will be back, that is a promise. So many great things keep happening here with the show. Thank you all for keeping me motivated! Please help spread the word. Word!

Episode 45 David from the Avantist!

Hello all! Friends with music podcast is back. David the guitarist from the Avantist and Esta Vivo joins us for an awesome chat. If youre keeping track at home 2 Avantist down, 2 more to go. So much is happening. Go check out the Avantist on bandcamp. More importantly check them out live. Thanks so much to everyone for pressing play or download or like or whatever you pressed to get this. Tell a friend!

Episode 44 Bonnaroo vs Osheaga vs Lollapalooza!

Hello everyone! Welcome back! On this weeks show former guest Sheri comes by and we discuss 3 awesome music fests. Bonnaroo Osheaga and Lolla. We break down the line ups and give some helpful tips for any festgoer this summer. All punctuated with an awesome playlist! Thanks so much for checkin us out. The FWM podcast continues to do great things. Please help spread the word. Word

Episode 43 Playoff Preview… Plus record store day wrap up!

Hey all! On this weeks episode we break down the NBA playoffs. Yeah I know the playoffs have been going on for a week now. The show has been so busy lately. And its not always easy staying on top of things. Our resident basketball expert and former basketball guest Johnny A and the one and only Rapido Edwardo stop by for a break down of all the rounds and early predictions. I am also aware that this is a music podcast,,, So I threw in a quick run down of record store day 2013. So if you are not down with the basketball, fast forward a little and check out the awesome record store day finds. Thank you all for the continued support! Tell a friend. Help spread the word!

Episode 41 Cougars!

Wow what a show we have for you today! The band Cougars were kind enough to let me into their world of rock for a quick interview and, dig this, let me sit in on a practice! Yes seriously! For those of you not familiar with them please do yourself a favor and get familiar. The first part of this episode is the interview and the second part is what I recorded of there practice. They basically played a set for me and jammed out super hard. It came out sounding great but keep in mind it is a practice. I can go on and on but ill let the music do the talking here