Episode 267 5 Years of FWM!

We've been doing this for 5 years now. Its hard to beleive. What a wild ride it has been. Hear Benj and I talk about it on this episode. I wish I could type out all of the thank yous that are deserved, but there are way too many! Thank you all for the continued support! Of course @friendswithmusic on instagram and fb. and youtube.com/dzrecords to check out all the great DZ videos

Episode 266 Intimate Evening Playlists from October and November 2016!

This episode is a playlist of live songs recorded at DZ Records in Oct and Nov of last year. A huge shout out to The Roalde Dahls, Bad Bad Meow, Black Bear Rodeo, Bigjoy, The Peekaboos, Arbor Creek, Namorado and John Till!!! Go to youtube.com/dzrecords to check out the live video of these songs. Follow @dzrecords on instagram follow @friendswithmusic on instagram too. Thank you!

Episode 265 Intimate Evening Playlists from January and March 2017!

Today we bring an awesome live playlist from our Intimate Evening monthly live shows. One from late January and another from early March. Featuring music from Kodakrome, Midijoyful, Nimrod, Bev Rage & the Drinks, Bora Bora, Fox and the Acres, The Just Luckies and The Phantom Planet. Great bands Great music! Go to youtube.com/dzrecords to check out the live videos to these songs