Episode 40 Steven!

Welcome back friends. So glad you all could make it. The founder of the Wilshire fanclub and self proclaimed biggest Wilshire fan ever, Steven stops by the DZ for a nice chat. We picked his brain about early music, life as a radio dj, and what it takes to be a Wilshire fan. So please click play or download or refresh or however you do it. Thank you all so much! Hey start telling some friends! There will be a contest anouncement soon. AHH the suspense is killing me!!

Episode 38 aka Gunther!

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Hey there friends! Welcome back all. akaGunther and I talked. Alot. About 311. Alot. It was a ton of fun and we may have mentioned a few more things other then 311. I dont remember really. Press play and find out. Hey and tell a frined please. If you all tell one person I would greatly appreciate it, You all are the best!!

Episode 37 Rocio!

Hello friends! This week we chat about candy, Spanish music, and other stuff I dont remember. I am kicking myself for not bringing up Shakira and my love for her song hips dont lie. Wait did I just say that out loud? No you idiot you typed it for all the world to see. Oh well. Hope you all have a great st. Patricks day. Be safe. Have fun... Oh and an all candy episode is coming soon! Get ready

Episode 36 White Mystery!

Chicagos own, White Mystery were kind enough to sit down and chat with me on todays episode. Not enough great things can be said about this band! They truly are local treasures. Thank you all for finding us and pressing play. If you dig this (and I know you will) check whitemysteryband.com  get all the info you need there. And please, if you havent already, SEE THEM LIVE!!!!

Episode 34 Ashley!

Hey there friends! Thanks for coming back. On this weeks show Ashley stops by for a very impromptu conversation. She and her wicked guitar skills may have been put on the spot a little bit. We had a ton of fun and it was super cool of her to sit down and chat with us. Thank you all so much for pushing play. Please if you have not already, tell a friend! Give yourself some good music karma and pay it forward

Episode 33 Chris!

Hello friends! Welcome back. Chris is with us for todays episode. We talk mexican candy, Glen Big Dog Robinson, loneliness, oh yeah and some music. Hes a great dude and has supported us from the jump. Unfortunately he still hasnt found those sweet Spanish mixtapes. But when he does, its pants off dance off time!! Hope everybody had a successful Valentines day. Thank you for pressing play. Enjoy

Episode 27 MC Lars!

Welcome back friends! Im excited for this one. A few weeks ago I contacted hiphop artist MC Lars for a possible interview. He was totally cool with it. So I went out to his show and hung out. He was a super cool dude! And it was a ton of fun. As you know I may not be the most professional so there is a bit of nerves. HAHA! Im getting better!... I hope... So here ya go. Thank you so much for checking us out. Leave us reviews and all that good stuff. Oh and happy 2013!

Episode 25 A Very Wilshire Christmas!

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Hope everybody is safe and stress free for the holidays! I sure am not! On this episode of FWM the band Wilshire sits in for a good chat about their music. And for a bonus gift at the end they jam out for everyone. They rocked it pretty hard and I hope you enjoy it. Next week will be a very special gift for y'all so be on the look out. Thank you so much for continuing to press play!

Episode 24 Erick from The Avantist!

Hello everybody! Thank you for coming back. On this episode Erick from the Avantist stops by to do some talking. We go to Mexico and back a few times. There have been so many instances in my life where I wish I knew how to speak Spanish. This is definitely one of them, Seriously I need to take a class or something. We had a ton of fun and its a great chat. If you are not familiar with his band I suggest you check them out. Their stuff is up on bandcamp and fb and all that. He also moolights in Esta Vivo. Oh and on top of all that, he is a reallt good brother! Thanks for tuning in and checking us out! Yall are the best! Oh, and we ended this one with some killer red velvet french toast! Go to Stacked! Ask for Kat!

Episode 23 Jackie!

Garbage bags full of records! The savior of rock and roll and revolutionary front woman of the BEASTJESUS joins us in the DZ for a good chat. Jackie and I go way back and it was cool catching up with her. We talked about a bunch of stuff that I dont remember at this moment. Damn I gotta get better at this! One thing we forgot to mention was our undying love for the Seattle Supersonics. We had a lot of fun in this one! Thank you friends for your continuing support. So much more greatness to come. And always remember during a wind advisory to make sure to have plenty of avocado! 

Episode 22 Charlie!

Just when you thought it was safe Charlie comes in and POW its over! Charlie and I have some fun southern style. We were both sick at the time and are feeling great now in case you were wondering. He plowed me over with some country talk and some metal talk. And a lot of other very good things happened that I dont remember. I have to get better at that! One thing I do know is that this playlist rips! Check it! Thank y'all for all of your love and support. Please leave positive reviews and stuff on itunes and like all the facebook stuff. So much more goodness to come! Thank you!