Episode 20 Johnny A!

We did it! Friends with Music turned 20! To celebrate here is an episode where I dont think music is mentioned once. Johnny A stops by and we have a long awaited talk about basketball. I can talk basketball just as much as music. Tune in to hear who made our personal dream teams. Could Wesley Person make an apperance? Did Jon just pick the entire 2001 Lakers? Is Shawn Kemp the greatest power forward ever? The answers to these questions and much more are all in this episode. Oh and im well aware that I could have included some basketball related music. But I decided to give you guys a break on that. Thank you all so much for hanging out and having fun! Like the facebook and leave positive comments on the itune. Enjoy!!

Episode 19 Brendan!

Welcome back friends! Brendan joins us for an awesome conversation. We talked hip hop, bands we will never see live, and other things that I struggle to remember at this moment. This one may have my most favorite playlist to date. So check it out turn it up and dig it! Thank you everyone for finding us and liking whatever it is that is going on here. Plenty more goodness to come!

Episode 17 Katie!

Hello again friends! The journey continues. Thank you for sticking around. Co worker and friends Katie stops by for a last minute recording. Ive learned a lot from her and am in her debt for many reason. And I repay her the only way I know how, tease and make fun of her mercilessly! Haha all in good fun of course! If you like folk punk and have taken the SATs or ACTs this episode is for you!

Episode 16 Joe! part 1

Joe stops by during DZ reconstruction. So thats why things sound a little different. This is a very special episode. Joe and I tend to ramble about nothing whenever we are in the same room. We made fun of Brian and talked a little bit of music. There are twists and turns at every corner. Thank you so much everyone for checking us out. There is so much going on with the show and I appreciate all your support!

Episode 15 Mike Patterson!

Its happening again. That funny feeling your ears get when you hit play. Thats right FWM is back. Today our guest is a loyal listener and music legend Mike. After a botched attempt to start the recording early we finally sit down for a nice chat about all things music. Rockabilly, metal, live shows, and some other stuff I dont remember. I really got to do a better job at these descriptions. Crank this one. Its an instant classic with some great tunes at the end. Thank you for being awesome. Please help spread the word

Episode 14 Jake!

You better believe it! Another exciting episode of FWM! Maybe my most favorite so far. Jake the dick knocks me down with some punk rock talk. The good stuff too, not green day! We talked a lot about Damien Rice too but that unfortunately got edited out. So many good things happened. And I think I was still a little sick for this one. Sorry! Roll up your sleeves this is a good one. Thank you guys for rocking with us! You are the best!

Episode 13 Dill!

Hey there friends! Its that time again. Another poorly thought out description. Does anybody read these? Dill stops by DZ records for some good talking. I apologize for the way I sound. Was dealing with a nasty cold. Feeling much better now thank you. Dill and I trip on some pretty bad and good music. We dissect the band tool. So much that I had to edit a chunk out. Ha it was just to much tool. Then we rocked some good tunes at the end. Thank you guys so much for the support. Please help spread the word! Word!