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None of this would be possible without him. Or it would be possible, but it would sound like garbage.

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The host and mouth of Friends With Music.

Show History

The Friends With Music show history goes back farther then you would think. See, Benj and I are cousins. We grew up together doing everything. Any sport you could imagine, from football to waterskiing. From birthdays at leaps and bounds to church every Sunday. And as people do, when we got older, the hanging out got less and less frequent. Getting together of course for Christmas and whatever random family get-together.

Until one day (I'm sure Benj could tell you the exact date) for reasons I can no longer recall (I'm sure Benj could tell you exactly why) Benj and I went to a party. Being the people that we are you can understand why this is an odd instance. We got to talking. I was telling him about podcasts and how I was looking to start my own. Benj being the wizard musician that he his basically said, you can do it at my place, I have all the necessary equipment. We made plans to get this thing going then we played the most epic game of beer pong any 2 sober guys have ever played.

The show began pre recording in late May 2012 and was officially launched on July 4th 2012. The rest as they say is history...